ciNE65 Festival 2019: Film Screenings at The Cathay: Programme Four

ciNE65 Festival 2019: Film Screenings at The Cathay
Date: Wed, 5 Jun
Time: 6.50pm - 8.30pm
Some filmmakers in attendance
Free admission, please RSVP here for Programme Four. Seating will be on a first-come basis. Please register at the ciNE65 table at LEVEL 6, THE CATHAY.

This programme features films that were shortlisted for the various categories of the ciNE65 MMA 2019 – Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design, Best Art Direction, Best Documentary, Favourite Actor, and Favourite Actress. Vote for your Favourite Film, Favourite Actor, and Favourite Actress at this link!

村 Kampong by Nathalie Au / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Pin Pin recounts a day of her life in the kampong. One of the many that will soon remain only as a memory.

Re-United by Renee Yeong / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A fight between two kids leads to a reunion between two good friends. They take a trip down memory lane, delving into the history of an icon of Singapore’s heritage.

Hello Auntie by Calvin Soon / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Hello Auntie is a story about a Normal Technical student whom many refer to as rotten apples, just like his neighbour Auntie Jaccy. On this particular day, the student did something that somewhat changes his neighbour's perspective about NT students.

Little Red Fire Engine by Muhammad Dinie Bin Jumali / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A curious boy discovers his neighbour in dire circumstances. He witnesses how his grandfather mobilizes help to save their neighbour and becomes inspired to be like his grandfather, who is a retired firefighter.

Echoes of 1965 by Bonotan Faith Ann Biton / 3 min / Documentary / 2019 / PG
In 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia. Not knowing what the future held, the people had to figure out a way to work through their hardships. They reminisce about a Singapore we have never experienced, a Singapore that is so different from how it is today.

In Time With by Ashley Jane Leow / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Lalia’s late grandmother visits Laila in the form of her younger self every now and then. This time, she reminds Laila about the importance of how our forged relationships and the way we treat one another are a vital part of the Singaporean identity.

Pulau Ujong by Xu Ruiyang / 3 min / Documentary / 2019 / PG
A short documentary exploring the spatial and architectural transformation of an island via its historical footprints, from Pulau Ujong to Singapore.

$ingapura by Lan Yu / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A slice of life piece that observes this society through a day in life of a driver. The driver, Ah Hock, is representative of a generation in Singapore who works mainly for survival and to provide a better living for their family.

One Last Time by Dagomir Marcin Kaszlikowski / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
One Last Time is a love letter to an old shopping mall – Beauty World Centre. Sooner or later, it will be demolished to make space for something new, and the memories that people have about this place will be forgotten. We don't want this to happen.

一人一半 by Jonathan Cheok / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
一人一半 follows a day in life of an old man working as a cardboard collector. After a long tedious day of work with little earnings, he goes back home to his wife and they share a simple meal.

Mum's Last Day at Work - MingEn Seafood by Kevin Ng / 3 min / Documentary / 2019 / PG
In Singapore, a Tze Char stall can be found in almost every coffee shop, in almost every heartland estate. For most Singaporeans, eating Tze Char is a daily affair that serves a convenient purpose. However, with the older generation moving into retirement, the younger generation is not as keen to pick up and pursue the hawker trade.

Sugarcoat by Cheryl Mong / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A father has to step in to stop three friends from fighting over different chocolate colours before the situation gets out of hand.

阿興薄餅 Heng’s Popiah by Sabrina Poon / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A retiring hawker contemplates passing on his family recipe to a keen young neighbour, in hopes of the next generation continuing the legacy.

Rojak by Rebecca Jane Chu / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Set in the wake of the government's implementation of the Ethnic Integration Policy in HDB estates, Rojak is the story of two children from different cultural backgrounds who share a love for a certain eclectic hawker dish.

First Impression by Muhammad Ghazalie Bin Md Yaakop / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Kelvin seeks help from Ahmad for his first meeting with his Malay girlfriend's parents. Ahmad steps in at every stumbling moment of Kelvin's imaginary run through of the meeting, and advises him on the do's and don'ts within a Malay household.

A Portrait of Mum by Joel Lee / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A portrait is a simple still image, but there are stories behind each one that most of us do not get to see. A Portrait of Mum looks at the relationship between a mother and daughter, the tensions that are born out of love, kinship and aspiration.

Ah Gong Garden by Al-Azmir Bin Ibrahim and Lim Ziyu / 3 min / Documentary / 2019 / PG
After realising that her Ah Gong’s land wasn’t merely just a venue for her family’s yearly Chinese New Year gatherings, Ziyu, a 25 year old undergraduate, attempts to dig deeper into the roots of her Ah Gong’s horticulture business that not only stood the test of time but is also responsible for shaping the iconic green landscapes of Singapore that we know today.

From You to Me (密切留忆) by Edmund Chew / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
An elderly lady wants to learn photography from her granddaughter who is a photographer. She hopes that through photography, she gets to capture the essence of the good old days with her husband at Singapore historical places.

If Only (离归) by Ian Fang / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A personal exploration of immigration and the fraught but fulfilling process of assimilation for foreigners who have decided to make Singapore home.

手表 Grandfather's Watch by James Fong / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Finding an old watch among his late grandfather's belongings, a rescue mission volunteer's father shares its history and meaning, how Singapore became a safer home due to the related incident, and how he can continue to make it a better home.

Roti Mama by Saraswathi d/o Alagan / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Trisha lives with her widowed father, Sathya. The death of her mother has brought their relationship to a standstill. Will Trisha be able to mend the stagnant relationship with her father?

Come Here by GurJeevaan Singh BalRose / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Arjun, an eleven year old boy, is getting his hair washed by his grandmother (Maaji) for the very first time because he has difficulty communicating with her in Punjabi.

Chilli Padi by Lou Mei Jun / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
A Daughter and her Fiancé deliberate over breaking the news of their intention to move out, to her Mother.

Broken by Effie Poh / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Hong Zhen is a single father who works multiple jobs and as a 'Karang Guni' to make ends meet. Unknown to him, his daughter, Jia Xin, is constantly bullied for being a Karang Guni's daughter and having second-hand belongings.

Built to Last by Haziq Adam De Silva / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Brothers Dave and Caleb grew up playing Lego together. As the years passed, Dave grew out of it. An incident occurred where Dave thought that Caleb went too far to get his attention, until he finally realized Caleb’s true intentions.

洗衣机 (Washing Machine) by Elnathan Goa / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
洗衣机 (Washing Machine) follows an irresponsible schoolboy, who steps out of his comfort zone and learns to make up for his own actions. In the process, he discovers a loving side about his mother which he never knew.

Battle-Field by Isaac Magnus @ Imran Magnus / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Battle-Field is about a character’s love of sport which brings forth his strength for Singapore, highlighting the similar values between Rugby and The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Bygones by Tay Li Guo / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
An Indian mother gets in the way of her daughter's relationship with a Chinese boy.

Warriors in the Garden by Chua Guan Cheng / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
“It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.” With the mobilisation effort crippled in a blitzkrieg attack, common men with respective backgrounds formed up groups and fight back the invasion. Here lies Kestrel 1-1.

Roots of Rejection by Soh Chin Hwee / 3 min / Documentary / 2019 / PG
Through the stories passed down by the parents, a man visits Bukit Brown Cemetery. Carrying nothing but offerings and blind faith, the man attempts to connect one more time with his ancestors before its impending exhumation.

My Homeland A Photography Project by Grandpa Chen by Jastine Tan / 3 min / Drama / 2019 / PG
Max Chen returns to Singapore on a quest to capture one last photo for Grandpa Chen’s final photography project, “My Homeland”.

chope by Natalie Yong / 3 min / Comedy / 2019 / PG
chope is a Singaporean love story that follows a typical Singaporean couple throughout their life together. This film aims to show that doing things the Singaporean way, as opposed to trying to emulate someone else, has been and always will be the best way to do things.

Sound of Home by Muhammad Farhan Yahya / 3 min / Sci fi / 2019 / PG
Every Singaporean wants to fulfil their dreams and strive as high as the moon. However, no matter where you are, what you have achieved, or failed at, the sound of home will always be at the back of your mind.

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